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My dearest friend, Toh Jia Wei
Friday, November 11, 2011,7:36 PM

I've decided to brace myself and do a post dedication
to my Dearest, Precious friend, Toh Jia Wei♥

It all started with a pack of Malboro.
You came up to me begging me to buy you a pack of cig when basically both of us are still underage but well,
we could endeavor and yes
that uncle either closed both eyes or deceived sold me your Malboro.
And together we had a bus ride to Chai Chee Secondary for some Musical in Esplanade.
From then, i begin to fall for your greatest friend JL and you of course fell for Clarissa likewise.

We started with a group named "LJC" Lan J*** club,
Jiao Tau-Clarissa
Jiao Bin-Me of course
Jiao Kia-Priscilla
Jiao Wei-Jia wei
Jiao lang-Jiang lei
with the slogan
"Even with severe headache, nothing could stop us from doing Lan J*** dai ji"

Back to the days when there was no POSB machine in Leisure park when it first commence and all of us was so eager to watch "One missed call"
You only had 20mins to go all the way out to the nearest machine as our movie is commencing in 25mins time and you made it with Jianglei! *Impressed*
Clarissa had blister all over her foots with her heels and you took off your canvas walking around bare footed just for her.

Oh ya, we visited Suntec city before the movie!
5 of us was crossing hands walking around, to the extend that the security may just get involved?
After since, we've been meeting up everyday, YES! Everyday!
Regardless those Boxing session around Jiang lei's house,
Gaming in some Katong Lan shop, Having "Ban mian" in Roxy square and ect.

CNY was around the corner and i invited you over for my Reunion dinner as you are "too free" to go anywhere. We had steamboat at my place and you're always snatching away my cooked fishballs demanding me to cook you more!
There's also times when you and Jianglei visited my house trying to do playful act with my brother on my bed!
The most memorable incident was when we are illegally crossing the road from my place, a car travelling at a very fast speed was heading towards me,i was so shocked at that point of time and while Jianglei held on to my hand YOU ran before us and the distance between you and the car was so close that almost got me hyperventilated!
I almost cried and you told me that you're willing to die in our place and you will protect us from any circumstances.
You did..

So my dearest friend, although we are oceans apart but i know you'll always be around. I've kept you safe in a corner of my heart.

6th July 1992 - 9th November 2011

Till then..